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The Lord Black Dance Site

Thank you for visiting our web site. Here you will find some of our dance performances, primarily to songs you don't normally associate with ballroom dancing. I'll add content as we have it. The sections are grouped by the solo performance(s) for that event.

If an album image is outlined, click to  play  or  pause . Volume controls are at the bottom of the page. Note that these versions are edited to fit the time requirements (generally around 90 seconds), so they may not be the versions you're familiar with...

Argentine Tango
Hawaii Five-O (The Ventures, 1969)

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Fall Festival Coquitlam BC, December

Nightclub Two-Step
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd, 1979)

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Medal Ball
Spotlight Ball
Vancouver BC, November
Coquitlam BC, August

Argentine Tango
White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane, 1967)

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Spring Festival
Coquitlam BC, June
Vancouver BC, May
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