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The 2016 Tri-Cities Arthur Murray Spotlight Ball is a bit different than most of our local events. For the first time, we did not perform a solo together due to extenuating circumstances. But don't worry, we're already working on something new for Medal Ball in November...

Sam did, however, perform a solo with one of our instructors, and we participated in a West Coast Swing group heat.

For this second solo, we took our previous Quickstep, modified it slightly, and set it to different music. What you have here is another Quickstep danced to the theme from another superhero, Underdog. Sam's partner here is Christy Consell, who we have been working with from time to time, and who agreeed to step in on short notice as Sweet Polly Purebred to dance this routine. And thanks again to our special guest villain Tim.

Look, in the sky!
It's a plane...
It's a bird...
It's a frog...
A frog?
"Not plane nor bird nor even frog
It's just little old me, Underdog!"

  • 640x360 [ MP4, 43MB ]
  • 1280x720 [ MP4, 97MB ]
  • 1920x1080 available on request.

And finally, here's our West Coast Swing medalist heat. The adjudicator liked this one, and we hope you do, too.

  • video to come...

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